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We are Hiring: Country specific Business Development (BD) guys

Jul 9, 2024 | General | 0 comments

Position: Country specific Business Development (BD) guys 

Location: India (WFH remote), selling to customers outside India 

Role/Seniority: Mid-level (2-3 years exp in the similar role (country/segment) and overall, not more than 6 years) 

Description: We are looking for Business Development personals for different markets, selling specific solutions, targeting specific customer segments. 

We don’t need guys, who can do multiple markets (whole world) and all customer segments (sell anything).  We are looking to build a team of specialists, in which each member knows EVERYTHING about their chosen market, customer segment and the relevant solutions. 

e.g. You shall know how many target customers in your country, status of each, what they use, what problems they face, will they buy from us and how much they can pay. The state of industry in that country, the regulatory environment, specific problems or upcoming opportunities.  Able to do intro presentations, basic product demos (for in-depth, product specialist will do), and able to answer basic technical questions.  You shall be able to work on proposal, costing/pricing (shall be supported by pre-sales, but your understanding is must) and anything else, critical for you to really excel in selling. 

You’ll be provided with complete research on the target market and the customer segment, along with even leads with contact details, but we are looking for guys, who already have understanding, experience and relevant contacts in the chosen market and the customer segment. 

You’ll be working from home (in India anywhere), together with the pre-sales team, product specialists (all sitting at different locations) and will focus on your chosen combination from the table below: 

* You need to have a REAL good reason why you want to choose two, in the table above. 

Pls send your resume to with details on your experience with the chosen Country and Segment and why you shall be hired. [E.g. Email Subject: BD in Malaysia, selling to Banks]