About Us

Agiliux cloud insurance team consists of young techies, ex-consultants and experienced professional from the insurance industry. We have an international mindset through previous experience in global companies in the tech, finance, insurance and consulting sector.

It was only three years ago that we started seeing early adopters embrace SaaS in insurance companies – and only in the last year or so that there’s been a drastic change wherein the majority are heading toward that model. One of the main reasons for this is the modular and flexible architecture of Agiliux compared with legacy systems.

Meet The Team

Mohandeep Singh

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

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Deep is our technology architect and engineer, but now he runs around and manages the business side of things instead.

Sarabjeet Kaur

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder

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Sarab manages our product and service strategy, making sure we build stuff that delivers optimal value to both ourselves and our customers.

Sachintha Gunasena

Chief Operating Officer

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Sachin has a key role in developing and executing on the operational strategy at Agiliux.

Muhammad Naqib bin Nasrudin

Technical Lead

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Naqib is an experienced full-stack developer who has an aptitude for automation and building safe, well structured software environments.

Divvia Vidyasagar

Senior Analyst & UX Manager

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Divvia manages customer needs into intuitive and seamless user experiences, making sure we always deliver great quality on time.

Hafizah Johar

Technical Project Manager

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Hafizah is managing both internal development projects and client implementations.

Why Us?

Think Agility

Our core system concept is truly toward “agility” where you can be very agile about when and how products are released – and the types of data sources or third-party integrations that can be leveraged in a way that makes a competitive difference in the market.

Data driven operations

We innovate while understanding the legacy processes within existing organizations, and keeping data outside existing core systems, means the data’s value isn’t limited in a legacy environment and will continue to evolve as you look to create data-driven products that change the way your business scales.

You are not locked in

With Agiliux, it’s much easier to make changes to processes, workflows and rules, so that as new types of data and analytics tools become available to your advantage – and to the advantage of insureds.

Think Open yet Secure

Agiliux is the transition to a more open, API-based ecosystem in insurance and provide integration options with marketplaces, direct acquisition, affiliate partners so all your systems can communicate frictionless.