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Meet Our Team
What Makes Us Different

Meet Our Team What Makes Us Different

Our Story

The insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation, driven by the adoption of modern technologies and innovative processes. While larger companies are making significant strides in this digital shift, smaller companies are facing challenges in keeping up and fear falling behind. Moreover, the industry is witnessing the rise of disruptive Insurtech startups that offer cutting-edge digital solutions, posing a threat to the traditional players.

Despite the rapid growth of Insurtech’s over last many years, it still represented less than 1% of the overall insurance market in 2021 and market research suggests that even in next 10 years (2031), its share is unlikely to exceed 3%. This underscores the importance of empowering traditional players, if we aim to transform the entire industry.

Agiliux is on a mission to transform the traditional insurance distribution. On one hand, we offer tailored software to various intermediaries like brokers, agencies, and banks (bancassurance), to enhance their distribution efficiencies, elevate customer experience, and on other hand, we offer solutions to insurers and reinsurers to improve their communication with intermediaries, and enabling them to stay competitive in the rapidly changing landscape.

Our Founders

Deep - Founder Agiliux

Mohandeep Singh


Graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Thapar University, India, in 1997. He further pursued his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Punjabi University, India. Deep joined the third-largest IT Service Provider in India, where he gained experience in implementing software development projects.

In 2001, Deep travelled to Malaysia for a short-term assignment but decided to settle there with his family. Since then, he and his wife, Sarab, have been involved in establishing and managing tech startups. Sarab, as a balancing co-founder, plays a pivotal role in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Sarabjeet - COO Agiliux

Sarabjeet Kaur


Completed a Bachelor of Science degree in India in 1999. Following that, she pursued her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Amity University, India. Sarab gained valuable experience working with a large IT Service Provider in India, where she contributed to implementing software development projects.

For past 20 years, from 2003, Sarab launched and managed tech startups across India, Malaysia, and Singapore. Her entrepreneurial journey has spanned multiple ventures in the technology industry, showcasing her passion and expertise in this field.


How Agiliux Started

Agiliux emerged from our earlier startup, Second CRM, where we had the privilege of collaborating with a prominent Insurtech company, now part of Bolttech. Over six years (2014-2020), we developed multiple applications to digitalise their operations across five Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and India. This experience allowed us to witness the transformative impact technology can have on an entire industry. We launched Agiliux in May 2020.

During our initial years, we engaged in extensive conversations with 100’s of industry players, potential customers, and partners, leading us to discover our mission: to transform insurance distribution. With majority of insurance sales is happening through traditional intermediaries, we recognised that only by empowering them, we could reshape the industry. Our vision is to enable every intermediary digitally and empower them to remain relevant amidst the rapid digitalisation and emerging competition from Insurtech startups.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Use technology and data to build a platform to transform the way traditional insurance distribution works.

Our Mission

Empower insurance intermediaries like brokers, agencies and banks, with modern digital tools, to help transform the overall insurance industry.

Singapore Fintech Association

Agiliux is certified by the Singapore Fintech Association as an InsurTech provider – Certification Number 20040082.

What We Value


We cherish the opportunity to keep improving our product. All the information gathered is safely and anonymously. Agiliux learns and adapts while the team supports with its product development.


As the creators of Agiliux, we hold ourselves accountable to provide information and knowledge sharing to our customers. As our main priority, we work towards common wins to earn lifelong trust.


We are obsessed with providing the best customers experience. We constantly listen to customer stories, understand their requirements, and provides the best possible solutions based on their business needs.

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