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Our Story

Soft Solvers Solutions is a tech company that provides software solutions to businesses, with Agiliux being the flagship for the insurance industry. It was established in the year 2019 from the continuous research on insurance and market trends throughout the years.Today, Agiliux can manage over 14 Million active policies for 6 countries within Asia Pacific. Since its inception, Agiliux has become one of the fastest well-known InsurTech in Malaysia.

Our Vision

Every insurance business in Asia to Go Digital.

Our Mission

To make the Asian Insurance industry innovative and efficient, with the use of our technology

Agiliux Cloud Insurance

Agiliux is a Software-as-a-Service that provides insurance professionals with an end-to-end workflow and management platform.

Agiliux seamlessly connects both global and regional systems and offers cutting-edge digital solutions without disrupting the existing or legacy infrastructure. Agiliux works internationally, supporting multiple currencies, tax rates, and regulations. Being a cloud solutions enables continuous upgradability without additional impact on software investment costs.

Singapore Fintech Association

Agiliux is certified by the Singapore Fintech Association as an InsurTech provider – Certification Number 20040082.

What We Value


We cherish the opportunity to keep improving our product. All the information gathered is safely and anonymously. Agiliux learns and adapts while the team supports with its product development.


As the creators of Agiliux, we hold ourselves accountable to provide information and knowledge sharing to our customers. As our main priority, we work towards common wins to earn lifelong trust.


We are obsessed with providing the best customers experience. We constantly listen to customer stories, understand their requirements, and provides the best possible solutions based on their business needs.

Meet The Team

Mohandeep Singh

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

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Deep is our technology architect and engineer. These days he runs around managing the business side of things instead.

Sarabjeet Kaur

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder

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Sarab manages our product and service strategy, ensuring what we build always delivers optimal value to our customers and ourselves.

Irine Lopez

Chief Revenue Officer

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Irine is leading the Revenue Generation function – delivering business outcomes through better alignment of all processes and teams within growth marketing, business development, sales operations, and partner management.

Arasu Balasubramaniam

Vice President Sales

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Arasu drives our sales and business development, distilling customers’ business requirements into revenue-increasing digital products, and optimised business processes.

Mark Zane Isaac

Vice President Partnerships

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Mark oversees and carries out the partnership strategy with service providers and regional partners to bring Agiliux to an entire insurance industry in APAC.

Norahimah Noran

Vice President Operations

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Rahimah leads our company operations and has a deep understanding of technical solutions and business requirements. With more than 10 years of experience, she is a well-coordinated Project Manager for Agiliux and Second CRM.

Rashid Mansor 

Vice President Human Resource & Finance

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Mr. Rashid leads our Finance and Human Resources divisions at Agiliux. He believes that laying a good foundation by creating smart setups leads to self-sufficiency.

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