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Our Story

Insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation, especially after COVID-19, where the legacy systems, processes and methodologies are getting replaced by modern stack. Though, a lot is happening in the large or Tier-I companies, but the small to midsize companies, are still struggling with the digital transformation and feeling the fear of missing out (FOMO) in this new digital world. There’s one another challenge also, where many new-age Insurtech’s are developing and offering digital solutions and are raring to take the place of traditional players be it an insurance company, broker, or even a small agency.

Agiliux is on a mission to digitalise and transform Insurance distribution, by offering software solutions to Insurance Companies, Brokers, Agencies and Banks to improve distribution efficiency and enhance customer experience.

While still at our earlier startup [Second CRM], we worked with an Insurtech [now part of Bolttech] over six years and developed multiple applications around CRM to support their operations in 5 South East Asian countries [Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and India].

In May 2020, we decided to work exclusively for Insurance industry (way beyond the basic CRM), and after talking to 1000’s of industry players, potential customers and partners, we found our mission “Transforming Insurance Distribution”, as any improvement in this shall create major impact on customer experience and help traditional players to stay relevant and fend challenge from ever-mushrooming Insuretech’s.

Our Vision

Every insurance business in Asia to Go Digital.

Our Mission

Agiliux intends to empower traditional insurance players to transform to the new digital world, to meet the changing expectations of their customers.

Singapore Fintech Association

Agiliux is certified by the Singapore Fintech Association as an InsurTech provider – Certification Number 20040082.

What We Value


We cherish the opportunity to keep improving our product. All the information gathered is safely and anonymously. Agiliux learns and adapts while the team supports with its product development.


As the creators of Agiliux, we hold ourselves accountable to provide information and knowledge sharing to our customers. As our main priority, we work towards common wins to earn lifelong trust.


We are obsessed with providing the best customers experience. We constantly listen to customer stories, understand their requirements, and provides the best possible solutions based on their business needs.

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