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The Impact of Cloud Adoption on the Insurance Industry

Nov 10, 2021 | Audio, General, News | 0 comments

Back in August, Mohandeep Singh, Founder of Agiliux Cloud Insurance and Tay Shan Li, Managing Partner at Scaleup Malaysia joined Leaderonomics’ “TechTalk Friday” to discuss the ‘techno spark’ in the world of insurance and if Scaleup Malaysia is indeed the best Accelerator in the country.

Hosted by Nigesh Armon, Head of Solutions and Services at Leaderonomics Digital and Karamjit Singh, Founder of Digital News Asia.

In this excerpt, Agiliux CEO answers the question “What pain in the market were you trying to solve when you conceived or when you and the team conceived Agiliux?”.

We are or we were working with some industry insurance guys since the last few years. And we see that there’s a huge amount of need over here. One as earlier, I mentioned the lack of digitalization in this industry in general. Of course, there are bits and pieces. Certain guys are pretty pretty advanced as well, but still, majority of the players in this insurance industry are not really that digital. So, we thought that this could actually be a bigger impact as compared to trying to do everything. It’s like boiling the ocean. So, if we take a smaller swimming pool, probably we can do actually much better impact. With all these lockdowns. also, the majority of insurance, which is being sold through the agents and brokers and all that also created a big problem for those guys. They can’t meet, they can’t go out. That’s where these things are also can help them. Digitalization can help them.

Mohandeep Singh

Founder & CEO, Agiliux (Soft Solvers Solutions)

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