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Agiliux’s Growth With Partners

Aug 18, 2021 | Audio, Business | 0 comments

A month ago, Agiliux’s CEO Mr. Mohandeep Singh appeared on “Open For Business” program on BFM 89.9 alongside Proficeo’s Renuka Sena to talk about pivoting and share a brief history of the products. If you missed the episode, you can listen to it right below or visit BFM’s website.

During the episode, Agiliux CEO explained how important it is for Agiliux to develop strategic partnerships in order to grow its domain in new countries and better understand their local regulations.

“We are working with partners in different countries. Now, these partners will solve two problems for us. One is that they will have the local base in their country, which will give us the insights into the regulatory requirements of each country.”

“Second thing is, of course, they are our partners or resellers or whatever you want to call them. These guys actually can bring in sale also. So, I am somebody in Philippines and I talked to our local vendor who, of course, assume, of course, he will understand the local regulations. It’s much easier for these guys to trust. And then in the back end, we do the whole technical.”

Mohandeep Singh

Founder & CEO, Agiliux (Soft Solvers Solutions)

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