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Executive Summary

This case study explores the collaboration between Agiliux, a cloud-based AI driven solutions provider for insurance intermediaries/brokers/agents/agencies, and Oneglobal broking, headquarters London, UK, is a leading name the Insurance Broking Industry owned by renowned financial services investment firm JC Flowers. It showcases how Agiliux’s solution facilitated Oneglobal’s digital transformation, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer service.

Oneglobal recognized the need for a system to manage their rapidly growing insurance broking business in 2022. Agiliux emerged as the perfect solution, offering compliance with local regulations, seamless integration with external systems, and compatibility with their UK parent organization.

Challenges Faced by Oneglobal

Customer data in various Excel sheets across different people, making retrieval difficult and time-consuming.

Accessing past customer information required collaboration, leading to delays and potential unavailability.

Generating monthly reports for expiring policies was a repetitive and time-consuming task.

Manual creation of customer documents like slips, invoices, etc. prone to errors and inconsistency due to lack of standard templates.

Manual report generation for management was complex and time-consuming.

Duplication of effort due to manual data entry across different sheets.


Unexpected Challenges and Agile Solutions

Initially, Agiliux assumed shared workflows in Oneglobal departments. However, even within teams, individual user preferences arose. We pivoted! In-depth user sessions pinpointed both common and unique needs. We then tailored solutions without compromising system integrity. Clear communication kept everyone informed. Result? A product addressing the diverse needs of various user groups, showcasing our commitment to flexibility and responsiveness.

Solutions offered by Agiliux

We have developed a single platform streamlining every aspect of the insurance broking business: sales, operations, and customer service. Brokers seamlessly manage their workflow from capturing initial inquiries, nurturing leads, and issuing policies to managing invoices, handling claims, and even proactively securing renewals – all within a centralized hub. No more jumping between disconnected systems or drowning in manual tasks.

Agiliux implemented centralized, cloud-based solutions like:

  • Captured and managed customer details, contacts, and interactions.
  • Created a simple login portal which will be used to find the relevant policy using just a few letters of the customer’s name.
  • The portal will show essential customers and premium details automatically populate from the selected policy.
  • Selecting the billing party and percentage becomes a breeze, generating the Debit Note with a single click.
  • The final Debit Note is instantly downloadable as a PDF.
  • Timely policy renewals are ensured with automated reminders
  • Created and tracked inquiries, quotations, and policy issuance.
  • Issued, endorsed, and managed policies with automatic renewals and notifications.
  • Tracked claims from entry to settlement, with automated reminders and document management.
  • Generated invoices, managed payments, and reconciled accounts.
  • Created customized reports for insights and data-driven decisions.
  • Adapted the system to unique needs without code changes.

Agiliux empowered efficiency, enhanced customer service, and equiped brokers with data-driven insights for a competitive edge.

Agiliux’s Standout Features

Intutive AI

Intutive AI

User-friendly and interactive interface simplifies navigation and data entry.

Intutive AI

Holistic Customer Journey

Manage the entire customer lifecycle, from inquiry to renewal, within a single platform.

Intutive AI

Agile Customization

Easily tailor modules to your specific needs without requiring code changes.

Intutive AI

Effortless Reporting

Generate insightful reports on the fly, empowering data-driven decisions.

Intutive AI

CRM Integration

Enjoy all the benefits of Customer Relationship Management within Agiliux.

Benefits Achieved

  • Managed all your business activities in one place, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Automated manual tasks, reduced paperwork, and eliminate data re-entry with various modules like Sales, Policy, Claims, and Finance.
  • Simple, intuitive and user-friendly design makes it easy for users of all technical backgrounds to navigate the system effectively.
  • Generated custom reports on the fly to gain insights into business performance and make data-driven decisions.
  • Built-in regulatory reports ensure you adhere to industry standards and avoid compliance issues.
  • Automated email workflows, manage customer documents efficiently, and personalize communication for better engagement.
  • Easily adapted the system to your specific needs without requiring programming expertise.
  • Managed customers, sales, policies, claims, finances, operations, and more with dedicated modules tailored to the insurance broking industry.
  • Generated invoices, recorded payments, tag invoices, and created statements for clients and insurers.
  • Captured inquiries, managed interactions, generated quotes, issue policies, and handled claims – all within the same platform.
  • Tracked policy status, received renewal notifications, uploaded documents, and managed endorsements effortlessly.
  • Reduced manual errors and ensured data consistency with automated processes and built-in validations.
  • Agiliux eliminated inefficiencies, saved time and resources, and potentially reduced compliance costs.
  • Managed claims from initiation to settlement, including status tracking, reminders, document management, and reporting.
  • Stay on top of renewals, claims, and other tasks with automated reminders sent via email or dashboard notifications.
  • Improved decision-making, enhanced customer service, and gained a competitive edge through increased efficiency and agility.

Managed claims from initiation to settlement, including status tracking, reminders, document management, and reporting.

Unexpected Positives

Improved collaboration between departments due to centralized data access

Enhanced employee morale due to user-friendly interface and streamlined workflows.

Future Plans

Agiliux never sleeps! Regular updates enhance the user experience, while major additions are on the horizon.

Implementation of the Reinsurance Module.

Data warehouse integration for in-depth analytics.

Whitespace integration for Lloyd’s of London Blueprint Two (BP 2) upgrade.

Lasting Impact:

Oneglobal isn’t the only beneficiary. Automated reminders ensure timely policy renewals, potentially boosting retention rates. Additionally, comprehensive reports generated by Agiliux empower data-driven decisions, paving the way for strategic business growth. Contact us for more information now!