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We make insurance intermediaries
Modern & Efficient.

Digitalisation for higher productivity and better customer experience.

We make insurance intermediaries
Modern & Efficient.

Digitalisation for higher productivity and better customer experience.

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Streamline operations with scalable cloud solutions 

Agiliux offers digitalisation solutions to insurance brokers, agencies and bancassurance to streamline their operations and also to Insurers to work better with their intermediaries.

Agiliux Commercial

Insurance Brokers

Increase efficiency for commercial insurance brokers with automated workflows, handling everything from inquiry to payment.

  • Commercial (Direct) Insurance Broking
  • Retail Insurance Broking
  • Reinsurance Broking
  • Technical Accounting
  • Customer Self-service portal
Agiliux Retail

Insurance Companies

Maximise reach and minimise friction by optimising distribution and streamlining insurtech partnerships.

  • Extend Legacy Core with Modern Frontend Apps
  • Commercial Broker Management
  • Sales Tools for Internal Sales & External Agents
  • Insurtech’s Relationship Management
Security and Compliance

Banks (Bancassurance)

Expand revenue streams for banks by enabling them to manage their own insurance distribution and collaborate with various insurers.

  • Manage Products from Multiple Insurers
  • Sales Management via Multiple Channels
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Integration with Insurer API’s

At Agiliux, we're passionate about transforming insurance intermediaries. We're an aspiring global company, started from Asia, and now expanding to Middle East, UK, Europe, Australia, and more.

Globalised local solution

Highly configurable platform supporting multiple currencies, tax rates, languages, and regulatory requirements for global and regional teams. 

Multiple solutions on a single core

Implement high priority modules first, later keep adding more modules to the same core, for end-to-end digital transformation over time. 

Enterprise delivery over cloud

Dedicated project manager to implement a tailored solution, highly configurable and easily customisable, delivered with all goodness of cloud. 

Multiple deployment & support options

Choose shared, dedicated, or self-hosted option, with support during office hours, or 24×7 – get the perfect balance of compliance and cost.

Your data is safe and best of all, completely secure.

  • We collaborate with reputable cloud providers, and our servers are regularly audited by external security firms to ensure they comply with the most recent industry and cloud security requirements.
  • Even on shared cloud, we keep distinct applications and databases for each customer to ensure complete data isolation and provide our customers with the highest level of security and confidence.
  • We work very closely with regulators and customers in every country we operate in, to meet all the local regulatory requirements.

Customers across the

  • Agiliux serves clients across Asia, Middle East, UK, Europe, Australia, and more.
  • Our solutions accommodate various currencies, languages, taxes, and regulations.
  • Seamlessly integrate Agiliux with third-party systems worldwide.
  • Benefit from our dedicated round-the-clock customer service team, supporting clients in their local languages.
  • Agiliux offers hosting and data storage in multiple countries, to meet the local data residency requirements.
  • We collaborate with multiple service providers across countries to offer comprehensive support to our clients.

Revolutionising UK insurance with Agiliux cloud innovations

Agiliux supports digital transformation initiatives for both Lloyd’s brokers and general insurance or company market brokers, with modern and efficient automation solution.

We are not trying to replace intermediaries with insurtechs.

We empower them with digital solutions.