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Business Associate

Business Associate (Referrer)

Passionate individuals and companies that may not have a proper sales structure.

Business Associates who identify and refer new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees once the sale has been closed.

Business Associates are not tiered or have any quota system but are rewarded with additional incentives based upon their level of achievement.

Business Associate Details

Business Associate

Modus Operandi

  • You met (or sought out) someone interested in the Agiliux solution
  • Register lead on partner portal
  • SoftSolvers direct sales will qualify and do the sales follow-ups until it’s closed
  • Upon closing the sale, you will get your referral fee


  • Individual or Company
  • No Experience required

Becoming Partner

  • Register with Agiliux
  • Attend Online Skype/Zoom Getting Started session
  • Attend Agiliux Business Partner Portal training (Online)

Annual Fee

  • Not Applicable

Payment Terms

  • Customers Pay directly to SoftSolvers
  • Monthly disbursements to Business Associate