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Agiliux Makes it to The Unicorn Cup Final

Nov 20, 2020 | Announcement, General

Agiliux has set out on a mission and has the innovations to enhance this industry further. 

Around the world, there are renowned Unicorn Battles that, to put it in simpler terms, are the largest and the most competitive pitching event for start-ups and VCs in the world. 

You can find out more about Unicorn Battles held periodically all over the world here:  

The uniqueness of Unicorn Battles is that It doesn’t have a country host like the certain Start-up Week. Any country can host these events but this year, the event will 100% virtual so everyone has the chance to tune in. The panel judges will be venture capitalists and private investors from all over the world, just waiting to pounce on the best idea they can find. 

Making it into the final round is a near-impossible uphill battle because there are countless other start-ups pitching ideas that have revolutionary potential. Agiliux amongst three other up and coming names have made it to this final round 

Other names includNaluri (Malaysian), Purple Tutor (India), and Lyro (Australia). It’s not to say they are our direct competitors but, in the context of this fierce contest, they will be. 

The winner can potentially win up to 120 million dollars of investment, which is why getting to this stage is quite a featAgiliux is always ready, serving clients globally and providing solutions to enhance and improve the insurance industry and how they work. 

Whether you are managing an agency or being a broker yourself and are curious about digitally transforming your operations, feel free to contact us at +603 8687 4433 (Malaysia) or +65 6304 8022 (Singapore). and drop us an email at