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Agiliux among 11 finalist named for RHB Xcelerator 2023

Mar 22, 2023 | Announcement, General, News

Quarterly Startups Accelerator programmes are organized by local financial services provider RHB Banking Group and Malaysian venture capital firm 1337 Ventures to assist founders in better understanding their customers, products, and markets. This understanding enables founders to achieve product-market fit more quickly.

The RHB Xcelerator 2023 intends to connect the bank with the local entrepreneurial and IT communities.

RHB Banking Group has partnered with 1337 Ventures for the three-month programme starting January 2023. Startups chosen for the programme will receive mentoring from RHB business executives as well as compensation for creating proofs-of-concept with the bank. With the aid of 1337 Ventures, the top two teams might also be offered potential seed finance options.

As a company, Agiliux getting to the final of the competition is a major milestone that signifies the level of innovation, creativity, and problem-solving abilities that have been demonstrated in the tech industry.

The journey to the finals begins with Agiliux’s commitment to innovation and the development of groundbreaking solutions that solve real-world problems. This commitment is fueled by the company’s culture of continuous learning, experimentation, and collaboration. With a talented and dedicated team of developers, engineers, and project managers, Agiliux has been able to create innovative solutions that have caught the attention of the tech industry.

In conclusion, making it to the final of the RHB Xcelerator 2023 is a significant achievement for any company in the tech industry. It is an opportunity to showcase the company’s technological capabilities, network with industry experts and potential clients, and gain valuable insights into emerging trends and opportunities in the tech industry. The company’s success in the competition will depend on their ability to demonstrate the uniqueness, scalability, and potential impact of their solutions, as well as their technical expertise and business acumen. Regardless of the outcome, participating in the final’s accelerator is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and their drive to create solutions that make a difference.

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