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Business Partner

Business Partner (Reseller)

Highly sales-oriented companies, evangelizing & offering digital solutions to businesses in the Insurance industry, help spread Agiliux Solutions to places where SoftSolvers cannot reach alone. We would work together to achieve our vision to provide automation software to every business in Insurance.

Business Partners are tiered based on their level of achievement. There are three Programme Levels under this Programme Type: Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Business Partners Details

Business Partners

Modus Operandi

  • Your Sales & Marketing generate leads interested in Agiliux solutions
  • Register lead on the Partner portal
  • You do the complete sales, demo, and follow-ups till it’s closed and hand it over to SoftSolvers for implementation
  • Stay in touch with the Customer throughout (Account Management) and ensure all issues are escalated, if any


  • Registered Company
  • MUST be in some related business, like Insurance Marketplace or aggregator, training, or other software/hardware provider
  • MIN 1 salesperson

Becoming Partner

  • Register with Agiliux
  • Attend Agiliux Business Partner training (at least 1 person)

Payment Terms

  • Customers Pay to Partner and Partner to SoftSolvers (after taking their share)
  • SoftSolvers issue monthly invoice (SoftSolvers share) to Business Partner


  • Sales & Marketing Material
  • Listing under Business Partners on Agiliux website SoftSolvers to participate in sales meetings for significant deals
  • Lead referrals from SoftSolvers (based upon region)
  • Access to Agiliux Partner Portal (register leads, request for a free trial, generate quotes and invoices, request for upgrade / renew a subscription, create support tickets and generate reports)
  • Allotted / Customised demo account for sales presentations Second CRM for internal use (10 Foundation Users, 3 Sales, and 2 Service AddOns), additional users at 30% discount
  • Free support for initial implementation. 20% discount on customizations