Cloud Insurance 

Centralized Policyholders database

Maintain a consolidated customer database with advanced policy lookup & search facilities from various channels to support policyholders regardless of their location.

All customer touchpoints i.e. meetings, email, SMS, and telephone conversations are attached to the contacts in a systematic manner and these data can be segmented and put to use in a meaningful manner for marketing purposes.

Manage Policies

Centralized database to maintain all the policies contract from various channels. You can bulk Import policies, payment data and MTA / cancellation data.

Track inquiries & service requests

Auto create tickets or service requests from various channels for each policyholder enquiry and track the progress until closure.

Policy Documents

Send eCert for all new and renewal policies. You may also download or send as attachment to the policyholders and allowing customer to accept Certificatie, via email or sms

Policy Status Updates

Track changes, policy status and updates, cancellation, payment transaction, and more from the Updates or Revision History information

Custom Workflows

Create customizable workflows to receive SMS/Email notifications & alerts for eCerts and policy renewals. Automation and notifications help in renewal process, expiry reminders and all policy documents can be sent out through workflows.

Policy Quick View and Dashboard

Personalise your dashboard with prebuilt widgets to keep track of the information most important for you, the way you want it.

Quote, Bind & Issue

Create accurate quotes using the Intelligent Quote creator for new policy and renewals in real-time based on preset quote calculator for every product line

Payment Methods

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Countries Served

Total Active Policies

Monthly New Policies

Monthly Claims Process