Cloud Insurance 

Create and generate eCerts

Create eCerts for new products using predefined templates and bring them faster to the market. Send eCert for all new and renewal policies. You may also download or send as attachment to the policyholders and allowing customer to accept Certificatie, via email or sms

Download Policy Documents

Download Policy Contract Statements for all the Insurance policies to see full details of the policy including – products & the associated limits, terms & conditions.

Policyholder Documents

Secure document storage and retrieval of policy holder’s docs like Passport, etc and support for digital signature

Workflow enabled document and email engine

Automatic creation of documents and sending of emails based on certain rules and events

Documents Visibility & Permissions

Documents available to internal users, agents, brokers and consumers based on the configurable roles & permissions

Countries Served

Total Active Policies

Monthly New Policies

Monthly Claims Process