Cloud Insurance 

Claim Management

Increase efficiency with end-to-end digital claim processing and payment. Support various modes for claim intake, including web, text, fax and phone. A cloud-based solution offers the ability to accept claims online, resulting in lower call center costs and increased customer satisfaction. By capturing rich, structured loss data early at FNOL,insurers can improve overall claim handling and processing efficiency.


Document digitization

Automate claims and new business policies with pre-filled and fillable electronic forms. Complete all the necessary documents

Calculation Engine

Complete claim payment interest calculations. Complete state-specific calculations. Eliminate all of a carrier’s “manual work-around” processes, including spreadsheets, calculations and correspondences.

Claim payment

Settlement Facilities:Accelerate claim payment with an 24 – 48 hour turnaround. Allow multiple payees and payment options.

Standalone Claim Portal for Claim managers

Allow your clients to process claims on any device, anytime. Give them a better claims experience.

Customisable workflows for claim status progression

Automate rules-driven processes and workflows.Customize processes and tasks to fit your company, your process and your people.

Streamlined workflow – enhance user experience with customizable processes and tasks to fit your company, your process and your people. Efficiently communicate with all parties involved in the claim process.

Pre-created reports for common tasks

Customizable and dynamic reports can be sent to your stakeholders. Role-based reporting allow users to view and download their specific reports.

Underwriting Tools

Assign different ratings for different channels. Assign different ratings on a per agent/broker basis


Utilize API, webhooks and our data configurator to speed integration and connect with internal and external systems to eliminate logging into multiple systems.

Complete life-cycle, from FNOL until reimbursement

Diary and Task Integration, Document upload facilities,  integrated Reports. End-to-end claim back-office and customer experience automation automates the majority of a claim handler’s tasks, ultimately reducing cycle time and handling costs.

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