Welcome to the Agiliux Blogs, the blog and newsroom for Agiliux, a stack of solutions that is designed to assist Insurance Companies, Insurance Agencies and Insurance Brokers in automating and better managing their customers and day to day operations to optimize profits, increase customer retention and provide better customer support by automating their operations using Internet and mobile technologies.

Agiliux stack of solutions has been around for many years and has helped many insurance providers and agencies automate their business and rapidly expand their customer base across nations. The agility of the solutions is designed for quick deployment, rapid adoption and not forgetting managing complex business processes that happens at the back end with ease, thus providing unparalleled customer experience at all times.

Having had years of experience in the domain, we had decided to share the wealth of information and solutions that we have with a larger audience via these blogs as there may be many who would be looking for similar solutions to address their problems and drive their businesses to the next level.